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TELOS - Education in America - From Revolutionary Schools to Charter Schools: A Critical Assessment   NEW!

In this new additional to his series on American transformations Dr. James Maynard will examine the origins and development of America’s educational system. Beginning with colonial America and the early days of our nation, the roots of our public education system will be explored together with its gradual expansion during the 19th and 20th Centuries to the system of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, that we know today. In particular the impact of educational reform during the last 30 years, predicated on the observed lag of our student performance in comparison with other industrialized nations will be critically appraised.

The charter school movement, beginning in the 1990’s will be reviewed together with its interaction with the “No Child Left Behind” legislation of the GW Bush Administration and the “Race to the Top” programs of the Obama Administration. The impact of increased student testing and recurring teacher evaluations within the context of a strategy to test the student and grade the teacher will be evaluated in relationship to its impact on overall student performance. The role of wealthy Foundations, which contribute massive financial resources to new educational experiments, will be examined within the context of the educational transformations taking place. Also, the effectiveness of attempts to apply marketplace principles to public education within an increasingly privatizing charter school industry will be evaluated. Specific examples of the impact of these programs on public schools in New York, Washington and New Orleans will be analyzed. Finally, the overall impact of these recent educational transformations on improving student performance will be reviewed.

Dr. Maynard, in additional to his degree in medicine, has a Ph.D. in epidemiology. He has taught at TELOS for several years, providing a series of courses on health care systems, the Middle East, and American political and economic transformations.


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