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More Girl Power! (Grades 1-6)  

Seeds Of Success (S.O.S) Academy is a youth program dedicated to inspiring girls (1st grade and beyond) to be smart, poised, and confident. In this second phase of the class girls are encouraged to discuss issues that help them overcome peer pressure, procrastination and they learn to take responsibility for their actions at an early age. This Module of workshops can be used as a continuation to the first Module or can be taken as a class all on its own. S.O.S. was established as a response to the needs to overcome low self-esteem and various forms of negativity in young girls. Seeds of Success encourages girl to take risks with confidence and master intellectual and emotional challenges. This program educates girls about socially accepted behavior that transcends age and breeds a positive reputation. The sessions include group discussions, lectures, interactive games and fun activities to ensure that the training transfers to each girl successfully. Each workshop is packed full of activities and the girls can't wait to return to the next class.


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