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ESL - NativeAccent   NEW!

NativeAccent speech training software has improved pronunciation scores up to 100% in trials and practice throughout ESL programs nationwide.

Each user's experience is personalized with an Intelligent Tutor, taking your native language accent and gender into account, so it can customize the practices for your voice and native speech patterns.

With pronunciation tutoring, the technologies pinpoint the exact error in English pronunciation, and demonstrate via text, audio and graphics exactly what must be done to correctly pronounce English words.

Lessons are lead by a qualified ESL instructor from the computer lab. No textbook is required. Additionally, students may practice at home, if they have the minimum system requirements and an Internet connection. Microsoft Life Chat LX3000 model headset with microphone is available in the KSU Center Bookstore for purchase. Only this model is approved for use - students may not substitute their own headset. Headsets are under $30.

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