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8 Steps to Peace of Mind: A Journey into Meditation  

Is your mind too active, producing worries and anxiety? Behind the chatter, there is silence and stillness waiting for you. Learn easy ways to move into spaces where there is relaxation, self-acceptance, and awareness. Explore eight steps that help connect you to silence in your heart and being. Beginners and seasoned meditators welcomed! Taught by a certified meditation facilitator with over 38 years experience. Bring a mat or large towel, pillow, and pen and notebook to class. A $15 materials fee is due to the instructor on first day of class. Student Testimonials

"Mr. Schenker is a fabulous teacher. His approach enables you to put what you learn into practice immediately. Before the class, I had no idea how richly varied mediation techniques are. He guided us through so many different types of mediation and techniques that it was guaranteed that everyone would find something that was a good fit for them. I can't thank Mr. Schenker or NSCC enough for this great course." - Paul

"Subhan introduced us to many different types of meditation because different people have different needs. The class and atmosphere was a very uplifting experience." - Joan


8 Steps to Peace of Mind: A Journey into Meditation 
Item: 7096 Subhan Schenker
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM On Campus: CC Bldg
Sessions: 8 Tu Location: Room 1254B 9600 College Way N Seattle, WA 98103
9/26/2017 - 11/14/2017 Fee: $145.00
A $15 materials fee is due to the instructor on first day of class.

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Fall Quarter

Registration opens August 7, 2017