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Learning Geographic Information Systems   NEW!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows you to tell a story by translating various forms of data into a map that helps educate and inspire a wide audience for your organization. This introductory course is designed for individuals who are new or recently introduced to geographic information systems (GIS) using ArcGIS 10.0 and higher.

Utilizing ArcGIS Desktop software you will review basic concepts of GIS tools with the goal of obtaining, analyzing, and communicating information to others through maps. Create meaningful maps using easy to follow, repeatable steps that will aid in developing a foundation for the use of GIS tools in your work and future GIS courses.

This is the first course in the Geographic Information Systems certificate.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Understand ways to apply GIS in the workplace
  • Identify and use ArcGIS Desktop tools and modules (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox)
  • Open existing map documents and create new ones
  • Organize different types of GIS data (spatial and non-spatial) and view data details in tables (coordinate systems, data sources, data formats, metadata)
  • Create map layouts, add data and basic map elements (legend, title, layers, descriptions, etc)
  • Symbolize different types of data for use in map layouts
  • Use basic spatial analysis tools (geo-processing)
  • Query data and select subsets of data for use in geo-processing
  • Use the online and desktop Help systems for ArcGIS and set Environmental Settings
  • Share your map and data results in various formats
Course Prerequisites: Basic experience with Microsoft Windows software for file management and browsing, and familiar with Excel.

Intended Audience: Anyone responsible for using ArcGIS Desktop that is either new or with little experience with the software.

This is the first course in the Geographic Information Systems certificate.


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