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College for Kids-Prescott

Classes start June 2. Click here
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Ages 5-8
Ages 9-12
Ages 13-17
Arts & Crafts
Creative Camp
Dance & Fitness
Food & Cooking
Language & Culture
Life Skills
Performing Arts
Science & Math
Sports Camps - Athletics
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Arts, Crafts and Food of Japan
(Ages 9-14)
Baseball Day Camp (Ages 5-12)
Baseball Overnight Camp (Ages 10-18)
Basketball Camp (Ages 5-12)
Belly Dance for 'Tweens
(Ages 11-15)
Capture Technology: Wind and Solar Energy
(Ages 8-17)
Cartoon College
(Ages 8-11)
Country Line Dance
(Ages 12-17)
Dance Fitness for Kids
(Ages 5-17)
Digital Filmmaking Crash Course
(Ages 12-17)
Drama Camp: Comic Relief
(Ages 5-11)
Drama Camp: Zany Improv
(Ages 5-11)
Fabulous Photoshop Fun
(Ages 8-11)
Flights of Imagination: 3 - 2 - 1 Blast Off
(Ages 6-13)
German Is Fun!
(Ages 9-14)
Hip Hop Dance for Teens
(Ages 12-17)
Japanese Language
(Ages 15-17)
Japanese Language
(Ages 9-14)
Kids Cook Real Food: Dinners
(Ages 10-13)
Kids Cook Real Food: Dinners
(Ages 7-9)
Kids Cook Real Food: Snacks and Treats
(Ages 10-13)
Kids Cook Real Food: Snacks and Treats
(Ages 7-9)
Kids Make Music
(Ages 11-17)
Kids Make Music
(Ages 8-10)
Mining Madness/Gems Galore
(Ages 8-12)
Mom, Dad & Me Swim (Ages 6 months to 3 years)
Music Minded
(Ages 6-8)
Nature Camp 101
(Ages 8-12)
Nature Camp 201
(Ages 8-12)
Nature Camp 301
(Ages 8-12)
Paint Like the Masters
(Ages 5-11)
Pay It Forward and Give Back!
(Ages 5-11)
Rocket Rally
(Ages 9-14)
Saturday Swim School, Level 1 (Ages 3 and up)
Saturday Swim School, Levels 2 & 3 (Ages 3 and up)
Saturday Swim School, Levels 4 & 5 (Ages 3 and up)
Science of Sports
(Ages 11-17)
Soccer Camp - Uniting Our Community (Ages 6-12)
Swim School, Level 1 (Ages 3 and up)
Swim School, Levels 2 & 3
Swim School, Levels 4 & 5 (Ages 3 and up)
Traditional Dancing: From Circle to Contra
(Ages 5-8)
Traditional Dancing: from Circle to Contra
(Ages 9-15)
Volleyball All-Skills Camp (Grades 6-12)
Volleyball Team Camp
(HS Freshman, JV & Varsity)
Volleyball Youth Camp (Grades 1-8)
Watercolor and Mixed Media
(Ages 5-11)
Wow Writing!
(Ages 8-11)
Writing Short Stuff
(Ages 12-17)
Young Naturalist Discovery Camp
(Ages 5-8)
OLLI Sedona
OLLI Verde
Community Education-Prescott
Community Education-Sedona
Community Education-Verde
EDventures - International
GED Preparation
Teacher Academy