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Reporting Queries with SQL and MDX (1.2 CEUs)  

Learn how to use the two most commonly use reporting languages: SQL and MDX. In this class you will compare the similarities and differences between these two languages and how programming in both can increase your reporting proficiency. This class will challenge you with exercises that will help solidify what was previously learned creating reports based on both cubes and data warehouses. Topics include how to create and run MDX scripts, MDX functions, Slicing and Dicing the cubes with MDX queries, contrasting MDX to SQL queries and knowing when to use them, as well as other important topics. Prerequisites: SQL Programming Level 2, DW Design, OLAP Cubes with SSAS or equivalent knowledge.


Reporting Queries with SQL and MDX (1.2 CEUs)
Item: 8906 RANDAL ROOT
  Fee: $345.00
This course is completed online. Course modules are released on Canvas each Monday and Friday. Class runs: 8/8/16 - 8/15/16.