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Passport to the Entire History of Art  

Karen Lee McSorley An encyclopedic review of the history of art from cave dwellings of early hominids to the present-day Instagram & Snapchat obsession across planet Earth. However, there’s a twist! In order to accommodate the enormous investigative possibilities, we will tackle the subject matter one continent at a time. Blending visual presentations, thematic readings, and interactive class discussion, we begin our travel adventure. Week 1: Europe -- Art funded/promoted by religious/monarchical power Caves at Lascaux & Altimira, (France & Spain) Ancient Pottery (Greece) Ancient Roman Architecture (Italy) Book of Kells (Great Britain & Ireland) Hagia Sophia Church (Turkey) Gothic Churches (Germany) “The Big Five” Renaissance (Italy) Royal Portraits (Netherlands) Cafes & Salons (France) Reading: Excerpt from Emile Zola’s “The Kill” Week 2. Africa -- Art from natural materials for utilitarian purposes The Pyramids (Egypt) Nok Culture (Nigeria) Royal Arts (Benin) Kente Cloth & Textiles (Ghana) Basket Weaving (Sudan) Maasai Beads (Kenya) Churches & Stele (Ethiopia) Printmaking during Apartheid (South Africa) Contemporary Photography (pan-continental) Reading: Chapter from Oguibe Olu’s “The Culture Game” Week 3. South America -- Art before and after political/social independence Raimandi Stela (Peru) “Virgin of Carmel” (Peru) Machu Picchu/Inca Art (Peru) Religious Iconography (Venezuela) Customs & Genre Painting pre-Independence (Argentina) San Ignacio Mini (Argentina) Santa Maria de Lereto (Chile) Cathedral of Brasilia (Brazil) Lygia Clark (Brazil) Reading: Collected articles on South American independence movement Week 4. Australia & Antarctica Tribal art from isolated lands Maori Carvings & Ta Moko (New Zealand) Western Desert Acrylic “Dot” Paining (Australia) Explorer Art: James Cook (Australia/New Zealand) Polynesian Art (Easter Island, Fiji, Hawaii) Heidelberg School (Australia) “The Antipodean Manifesto” (Australia) Art & Technology (Antarctica) Reading: Hinemoa and Tutanekia: A Maori Legend Week 5. Asia -- Art of dynasties and feudal societies Jade Ornament (China) Hanging Scrolls (China) Samurai Culture (Japan) Ukiyo-E Woodblock Prints (Japan) Islamic Ceramics (Turkey, Syria) Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem) Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts (Israel) Bengal School of Art (India) Taj Mahal of Agra & Harmandir Sahib of Amritsar (India) Buddhas Galore (Nepal) Reading: Excerpts from Murasaki Shikibu’s “Tale of Genji” Week 6: North America -- Art as a reflection of the human spirit Petroglyphs (Utah, California, Nevada) Pre-Columbian Murals & Figurines (Mexico) Story Poles (First Nations: Northwest Coast Region: Canada) Yakima Indian Two-Hide Dress (present USA:Canada) Handcrafts & Folks Art (Mexico) Hudson River School (USA) Frida & Diego (Mexico) Abstract Expressionism (USA) Photography & Digital Arts (USA) Climate Change Photography (Arctic Arts Project) Reading: Collection of NYT articles Karen Lee McSorley can recall her early art experience during regular weekend visits to The Met as a very young child. Since then, she has earned advanced degrees in Art History and Economics from both Northwestern and Yale. Her passion for these combined fields led to decade-long service at SFMOMA. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE AFTER MONDAY 8/21, EMAIL TO BE SURE YOU RECEIVE EMAILS WITH COURSE DETAILS.


Passport to the Entire History of Art

Item # 17FA1I

Meeting Schedule

W 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
8/23/2017 - 9/27/2017 (6 Meeting Days)


Karen McSorley


Downtown Campus
Room 677

Note: Class in session.

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