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Magic Made Simple  

Amaze your family and friends in this fun series of classes. You will learn to perform simple tricks with cards, ropes and other objects. It's a guaranteed ice-breaker if you speak before small or large groups of people, and your confidence will soar as you master the art of deception!

We have prepared four 3-hour classes on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 PM at our easy-to-find classroom.

Take one, take two, take them all, and learn how to amaze, to amuse, to confound and to confuse.

$50 for each class or $175 when you purchase all 4 at once.

Here's what you will learn:

Session 1: (April 22) You as a Magician – Mentalism and Misdirection From rope tricks to disappearing gimmicks, from tearing and restoring napkins to card tricks

Session 2: (April 29) Card manipulation: Make them disappear, turn over, and read minds with cards, and more!

Session 3: (May 6) Magic with Ordinary Objects - Fork bending, Sugar Disappearing, Coins Vanishing, Rope Cutting and restoring

Session 4: (May 13) Magic of the Mind - Mindreading, Equivoque, Book test, Metal Bending


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