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CLA Series   NEW!

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Participants and educators will benefit greatly from this lecture about Chinese culture. Attendees will benefit by gaining an enriched understanding of cultural diversity and prejudice, past and present as well as an historical overview of the reception of Chinese culture by intellectuals in Europe and America.

Topics include: Chinese Philosophies and Religions, Western Receptions of Chinese Culture, Cross-Cultural Dialogue. Educators can earn up to 1.5 PDUs at this lecture!

Based on their concerted research, Clayton Crocket, Jim Deitrick, Guo-ou Zhuang, and Nicholas Brasovan will each deliver a fifteen-minute presentation on the reception of Chinese philosophies and religions by European scholars over the course of modern and post-modern intellectual history.

Beginning chronologically, Dr. Crockett will present on “Leibniz’s Writings on China.” Dr. Deitrick will then follow up with a talk on “‘Oriental Philosophy’ in the Writings of Hegel.” Dr. Zhuang then shifts the discussion into the twentieth century, with his presentation, “Betrand Russel’s Romance with China.” Finally, Dr. Brasovan will speak on “Whitehead’s Appropriation of ‘Eastern Asiatic’ Religion.”


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