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How to Create a Culture of Innovation  

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Businesses in the 21st century must innovate in order to survive and grow. Change is a fundamental aspect of both nature and business. Just as living things evolve, businesses must also evolve in order to endure as the economic environment changes. Companies that rely on the status quo will eventually lose market share to competitors who develop better, faster and cheaper ways to satisfy customer needs. As a result, all companies need to innovate.

This course will deliver an overview of the innovation process and provide hands on skill development with practical applications that can be immediately applied in any business setting. Students will learn how to explore customer needs, how to ideate to solve for those needs, and how to evaluate ideas and craft them into concepts for commercial development.

Every business leader and manager can benefit from this course. A culture of innovation can be created when everyone in an organization embraces innovation and contributes to building an environment that is receptive to change.

Course Overview


  • Course overview
  • Innovation process overview
  • Setting objectives
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Identifying competitive and market opportunities
  • Developing themes for idea generation
  • Brainstorming methods
  • Creativity exercises

Day 2 - IDEATE (Jacksonville Zoo)

  • Hands on skill development is provided by conducting an innovation project for the Jacksonville Zoo (a non-profit organization)
  • Help moderate a live customer focus group
  • Synthesize focus group data
  • Participate and help facilitate in a brainstorming session


  • Evaluate and prioritize ideas generated on day 2
  • Idea dispositioning
  • Develop concept statements for top ideas
  • Cultivate and improve concepts
  • Innovation Design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product development
  • Deliver final recommendations
  • Creating a culture of innovation


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