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Innovating for Your Company’s Future  

Innovation is one of the most frequently heard corporate buzzwords of the 21st century. And there is good reason. The pace of change in all types of technology is constantly accelerating. The resulting impact of this change on the business environment is profound. Business models that work to generate sales today have a decreasing lifespan. As a result, all companies need to innovate or they risk losing market share or even worse, becoming irrelevant in the marketplace. But what exactly is meant by innovation? And how can your company become more innovative and create new revenue streams?

This course will provide an overview of the innovation process and provide practical skill development and applications that are relevant for any business. Students will learn how to explore customer needs, how to ideate to solve for those needs, and how to evaluate ideas and craft them into concepts for commercial development. In addition they will learn how to successfully design and develop new products, services, programs and processes. The skill sets learned in the course are essential for companies to survive and thrive in the future.

Who Should Attend

  • This course is intended for senior and mid-level managers in any size business and industry.
  • The ideal candidate will be in a role in which they can influence or challenge the status quo in their company.
  • The course will be especially helpful for all managers that have an influence on the how their company selects and develops ideas for new products, services, programs or processes.

Course Objectives

Learn the key steps of the innovation process to solve customer needs in the development of:

  • New programs
  • New processes
  • New products
  • New services

You Will Learn

  • How to identify and understand customer needs and market opportunities
  • How to generate ideas to solve for customer needs and capitalize on market opportunities
  • How to evaluate and prioritize ideas for development
  • How to develop and cultivate ideas into winning concepts
  • How to design, prototype and test ideas using the lean startup approach
  • How to create a culture of innovation in your organization

Course Overview

Day 1 - INTRO (UNF)

  • Course overview
  • What is Innovation
  • Innovation process overview
  • Types of innovation
  • Planning for innovation
  • Identifying customer needs and market opportunities
  • Case studies

Day 2 - EXPLORE (Jacksonville Zoo)

  • Customer focus group and ethnographic research
  • Synthesize focus group data
  • Business creativity and idea generation methods
  • Planning an ideation session

Day 3 - IDEATE (Jacksonville Zoo)

  • Brainstorm/ideation session


  • Idea evaluation and prioritization
  • Concept development
  • Consumer concept testing
  • Final concept selection
  • Product design and development
  • Lean Innovation
  • Creating a culture of innovation


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