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SAT Prep Summer Institute  

"The Scholastic Assessment Test is the most influential test in American life - key to the doors of the nation's best public and private colleges."
--U.S. News & World Report

Our summer test preparation course may be one of the best investments you make in your education. The right preparation for the SAT positively affects test scores and research proves it. By taking an intensive training program away from the worries and distractions of classroom tests, homework, and peer pressures, students can focus on honing the skills they need to maximize their test results.

Our instructors are experts, and they are dedicated to improving your performance. They will help you identify your trouble spots, master trick questions, plan your strategy, and reduce your stress. You'll know what to expect, have a solid plan in place, and you'll approach the exam with confidence and concentration.

This 24-hour concentrated course is taught by instructors who have taught SAT preparation courses for years. The instructors will cover reading comprehension, sentence completion, analogies, problem solving, quantitative comparison, and gridded response items. The verbal section will include strategies for success on the new essay portion of the exam. The course includes a review of mathematics concepts tested on the SAT.

The SAT has changed as follows:

  • A Writing Section has been added to the test.
  • Critical Reading skills are tested, including analogies and sentence completion.
  • The Math Section includes topics from third-year college preparatory math.
  • The scoring system has changed.

Class Content:


  • Overview of the SAT exam
  • Question types
  • Scoring, guessing

Verbal Sections

  • Critical reading (vocabulary in context, literal comprehension, extended reasoning)
  • Analogies
  • Sentence completion
  • Writing Skills, Essay Startegies

Math Sections

  • Quantitative comparisons, picking numbers
  • Number properties, equations, exponents
  • Fractions, percents, averages, rates, ratios, and proportions
  • Overview of geometry, lines and angles, triangles
  • Circles, polygons, combined figures, coordinate geometry, volumes and surface area
  • New symbols/concepts


  • Comprehensive review
  • Test day preparation

Students are required to purchase the following book and bring it to each class session: The Official Study Guide for the SAT (CollegeBoard), ISBN-13: 978-0-87447-852-5.

Getting ready for the SAT, ACT: Minority Recruitment Coordinator Probyn Inniss shares how to get ready for the SAT and ACT exams. His advice was featured in the "Ask UNF" column that runs monthly in The Florida Times-Union community sections. Read the column.


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