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All LEARN Jacksonville Classes
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Accessorize Your Home with Style
Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility
Advanced Self-Defense
Advanced Tai Chi
Attracting Abundance I
Attracting Abundance II
Be Your Own Editor
Be Your Own Editor - YMCA
Beer Appreciation
Beginning Creative Watercolor - Part I
Beginning Creative Watercolor - Part II
Beginning Meditation
Blogging for Business and Pleasure
Brain Foods: Eating for Healthy Living
Business Communications in China
Clarifying Medicare
Color in the Jacksonville Garden
Composition in Photography
Crash Course in Screenwriting
Crash Course in Screenwriting - YMCA
Creating 3-Dimensional Characters in Fiction
Creating the Hero's Journey
Creative Mosaic Workshop
Creative Mosaic Workshop - YMCA
Creative Writing - An Introduction
Creative Writing Lab
Developing and Living on a Budget
Digital Photography: Basic Lightroom and the RAW File
Discover Your Magic Within
Discover Your Magic Within - YMCA
Emotions and Health - How They Affect Each Other
Emotions and Health, How They Affect Each Other - YMCA
Everything You Need to Know to Publish Your e-Book and More!
Feng Shui for Your Personal Enrichment
Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health
Food for Life: The Cancer Project
Food For Life: Diabetes Initiative
Four Pillars of Parenthood
Fresh Floral Design - Glass Vase
Fresh Floral Design: European-style Bouquet
Fresh Floral Design: Love Nests
Gardening in Northeast Florida
Get Ready to Photograph Autumn
Glas Clas™ with Pixieglas™
GlasClas with Pixieglas - YMCA
Hands On Photo Workshop: Flowers, Landscapes & Applying Lessons Outdoors
Healthy Gut - YMCA
Healthy Gut!
Healthy Living in a Toxic World
Healthy Living in a Toxic World - YMCA
Healthy Nutrition without the Hype!
Healthy Posture Yoga
Heartsaver® CPR, AED and First Aid
Home Staging and Home Styling
Hormone Health
Hormone Health - YMCA
How to Improve Your Memory
How to Improve Your Memory - YMCA
How to Sell Your Books and Scripts to Hollywood
How to Start a Self-Publishing Company
iMac, iPad and iPhone Advanced Training
iMac, iPad and iPhone Fundamentals
Intermediate Course in Screenwriting
Intermediate Sewing
Introduction to American Sign Language - Level I
Introduction to American Sign Language, Level II
Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
Introduction to Creative Writing - YMCA
Introduction to Digital Photo Editing Using Photoshop
Introduction to French
Introduction to French - YMCA
Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2010
Introduction to MS Word 2010
Introduction to Sewing
Introduction to the Italian Language
Investment Basics
Italian Language and Culture - Level II
Know Your Palette
Landscape Design for the Homeowner
Learn to Kayak
Learn to Kayak - YMCA
Legacy Books
Let's Decorate Together
Let's Make a T-Shirt Quilt!
Level I Photography - Digital Photo Basics and Photography Fundamentals
Level II Photography - Taking Control, More Help for Refining Your Photos
Level III Photography - Final Steps - In-Depth Topics and Applications Learned
Level IV Photography: DSLR Final Steps and Fine Points
LinkedIn Bootcamp
Marketing Your Books Workshop
Mastering Zoo Photography
Memoir Writing - Telling Your Story
Mixed Media Studio
Money Management 101
Natural Wonders of Northeast Florida
Organic Vegetable Gardening
Painting with Acrylics - Level I
Painting With Acrylics - Level II
Painting with Oils
Pastel Portraiture Techniques
Personal History Workshop
Photo Safari at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Pinterest and Facebook Boot Camp
Plot and Story Structure
Practical Self-Defense and Awareness
Pre Level I Photography: DSLR Camera Bootcamp
Pre-Level I Digital Photography Workshop and Lab - YMCA
Professor's Update class
Savvy Social Security Planning
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Second Saturday - What Everyone Needs to Know About Divorce
Spanish - Level I
Spanish - Level II
Spanish - Level III
Spanish, Level I - YMCA
Studio Painting Procedures
Tai Chi for the Mind, Body and Soul
Ten Principles of Money Management
The ABC's of Publishing Your Children's Book
The Healthy Fats
The Professor's Nothing Class
The Professor's One Minute Guide to Stock Management
The Professor's Position Trading Course
The Retirement Continuum
Turning Your Story into a Novel
Unleashing the Power of Fruits and Vegetables
Watercolor, Level I - YMCA
What is Your B.I.O. Level? Discovering Your Beauty Inside Out
What You Need to Know about Excel 2010
Wine Essentials – The Seven Best Wines for Summertime
Wine Essentials Focus: Classic Wine & Cheese Pairings
Wine Essentials I: Understanding Acidity, Balance, Tannin, Weight, and Aromas and Flavors
Wine Essentials II: Beyond the Obvious and Familiar
Wine Essentials II: Understanding Simplicity, Complexity and Evaluation
Wine Essentials III: The Ultimate Skill in Wine Tasting: Understanding Quality
Wine Regions of the World - The Rhone
Writing Critique Workshop
Writing FUNNY!
YouTube for Business and Pleasure
Arts and Crafts
Health & Wellness
Home & Garden
Money Matters
Wine & Beer Tasting
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