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Working with Health IT Systems  

Component Overview

This is a laboratory component. Students will work with simulated systems or real systems with simulated data. As they play the role of practitioners using these systems, they will learn what is happening “under the hood.” They will experience threats to security and appreciate the need for standards, high levels of usability, and how errors can occur. Materials must support hands-on experience in computer labs and on-site in health organizations.

Component Objectives

At the completion of this component, the student will be able to:

  • Identify common components of an HIT system and types of HIT applications (e-Mar, POE, PACS, ADT, Lab, Registries, Billing/Coding, etc, and acute care, community health, public health, small provider practices, etc.)
  • Describe data flows across HIT systems and implication of standards.
  • Identify root causes of HIT-induced error (i.e. usability, workflow interference, system error, etc.) and suggest solutions.
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of identified solutions to identified HIT problems (to emphasize the reality of “solutions” and illustrate the frequent domino effect/unintended consequences of change of an HIT system)
  • Defines usability, describes general usability principles, and relates usability to adoption in relation to HIT.
  • Define and differentiate security, confidentiality, and privacy and identify common threats.
  • Demonstrate beginning level competency in general HIT system use.

NOTE: This course is part of the Health Information Technology Certificate Program but is opened to those not enrolled in the certificate program as well.


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