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Teaching Point: Teaching Western Civilization  

Teacher Preparation

Why Take This Course

100% of teachers have a new assignment at some point, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher. Some unavoidable assignments are even out-of-field. This course will be helpful even if you have a collegiate background yet have never taught the course before. It will be particularly beneficial if you are unavoidably assigned to teach it and do not have a collegiate major or minor in the subject. In either case, the goal of this course is to provide the strategies and tools for you to become a highly-effective teacher of this subject.

How You Will Benefit (What you will receive):

  • Complete, sequential, day-to-day map through the teaching of the course in your classroom with editable instructional support materials and mentoring teacher access (If your district requires a certain sequence, the materials provided can be rearranged to suit. Additionally, this “how to teach this subject” course is designed for use with any textbook you have been assigned)

    What You Will Learn

    • The scope and sequence of the subject material
    • The content and pedagogy to successfully deliver the material to your students
    • How to engage your students in the subject on a daily basis

    Who Should Enroll

    • All teachers with this new subject assignment
    • All Teachers of the subject interested in ways to improve their understanding of or delivery of the subject
    • Any teacher who has been (most likely unavoidably) assigned to teach the subject out-of-field

    Course Goals

    • Develop: To help the teacher provide an excellent learning environment for their students.
    • Improve: The courses are designed to better prepare teachers leading to improved student improvement, AYP, graduation rates, college and workforce readiness.
    • Acquire: Assist you in attaining the designation of highly-qualified in this subject
    • Result: Multiple research studies have concluded that a better prepared teacher leads to improved student achievement and can be the single most important element for student success.


    3 Continuing Education Credits toward 6 required for recertification every 5 years. For credit, teacher must pass June 2014 proctored end-of-course content mastery test based on course material provided.


    UNF teacher prep course tuition and materials may be funded or reimbursed through Federal NCLB Title 2a (Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, 100% PD), Title 1 (up to 10% for PD), and/or state and local PD budgets.

    Course Description

    This course provides the tools, strategies and instructional materials to equip you for teaching this subject and preparing your students. Topics include introduction to historiography, Civilization and Religions Overview, Classical Origins of Democratic Thought, Beginnings of the Modern World, Revolutions of Democratic Thought, Industrial Revolution, Age of Imperialism, World War I, Rise of Totalitarianism, The Holocaust, World War II and The Post-War Era.


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