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2019 App Containerization and Kubernetes CICD Workshop - On Demand   NEW!

This course is offered through Cloud GeniusĀ® You can find more information at

You run your apps on physical/virtual machines but your company is rolling out Kubernetes. You need to learn and adopt the right way to containerize large scale corporate applications so you can deploy them in Kubernetes.

For this hands-on workshop, you need:
  • A modern laptop with 4GB Ram (prefer 8GB or more). Avoid using machines issued by your employer as these are typically locked down, may cause trouble with exercises in the workshop and waste your time.
  • Cloud Genius Workstation installed on your laptop
  • Contact us via the Cloud Genius website chat ahead of schedule if you need install/setup help.
  • A domain name that you own and have control over its DNS zone. NameCheap and GoDaddy seem to offer names for dirt cheap You need just a domain name for a dollar and change for the first year. You can cancel after that. And, please do not buy any other domain related services.
  • Set up a free trial account with Google Kubernetes and Digital Ocean Kubernetes https:// and a free account with Docker hub and a free account with GitHub and a free account on via GitHub.

Work at your own pace but suggested to run 8 weeks from start. Access to 24 hours of recordings from our live sessions


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