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This dynamic and interactive series will give you at least a dozen take away skills that you can transfer to your life immediately. Your speaking and overall presence will improve to make enduring impressions and help you get your message delivered clearly with the undivided attention of your audience. CEUs: 0.6

Include the following classes:

The Art of Making a Great First Impression
In the few seconds it takes for you to walk up to someone or walk into a room, irreversible judgments are made about you before you ever say a word. The signals you send out are being read and reacted to long before you say or do anything of substance. What signals are you sending? Are they impacting your business and relationships? This class will breakdown what happens in those first crucial seconds, how to execute them confidently, and then what to do when the door is opened for a longer, more meaningful exchange. CEUs: .2

Communicating Between Generations
Being aware of generational differences can help you anticipate miscommunications and tailor your message for maximum effect — whether you're applying for a job, pitching a new idea to your boss or leading a team. Take home practical tips from someone who has successfully coached hundreds of people to communicate effectively across generational gaps. CEUs: .2

High Yield Communications
High Yield Communication is an entirely new approach to teaching public speaking skills. The focus is on core speech and presentation skills. The course will begin with speech drills, and then move into a discussion of basic outline techniques and finish with a new way of thinking about and utilizing visual aids. With interactive drills for articulation, eye contact, and projection you’ll have an arsenal of tools for speaking and communication. CEUs: .2

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