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Brewing Science for the Home Brewer - Dark Beer    NEW!

A 12 hour class aimed at describing the essential brewing science underpinning the process of brewing.

Aimed at both inexperienced and experienced home brewers looking to increase their understanding of the science of brewing. And how better to learn than to take part in actual brewing! On the first day of class, we'll walk through the brewing process inside Fish Brewing, taking a lunch break on your own at the pub across the street. Dark beer takes longer to ferment so there will be 4 weeks between the first day and second day of class. You will come back after to see what happened with the beer and learn how to bottle and store your creations. There is a lot of standing so wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. Must be 21+ to attend.

Topics covered in detail will include;

  • Brewing raw materials
  • Brewing Calculations
  • Brewing practices
  • Yeast handling
  • Beer aging
  • Packaging techniques
  • Beer flavors
  • Brewing equipment design and manufacture
  • Question and answer session

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