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Business Law   NEW!

Understanding the legal structures behind your business is essential to staying in business and entering into appropriate contracts. This course covers the American legal system; includes the constitution, legislative, executive, and judiciary branches which will help you understand where your business fits and what agencies you need to work with to stay legal.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the terminology and definitions of the legal system and sources of law
  • Assess legal problems and be able to access resources to aid in clearly addressing
  • Talk about legal ethics and social responsibility in business and understand how your decisions affect others
  • Identify issues that may be handled in a civil procedure, torts, negligence and/or liability areas and what your liability risks may be with the products or services you sell.
  • Understand the basics of international law in relation contracts and business products
  • Research your position in landlord/tenant situations or when dealing with real property
  • Gain an understanding of Employment law and how it affects you when you hire employees and what taxes you are responsible for.
  • Understand UCC; Article 2 Sales and contracts and what it means to your business

Course price includes course fees. This class is co-scheduled with for-credit programming. Participants will be expected to make regular attendance and fully participate in class. Course may include out-of-class group work.

Please Note: SPSCC academic classes utilize the online classroom environment CANVAS .

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