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Self Defense 102 for Women   

Self-Defense 102 takes up material you learned in Self-Defense 101, and kicks it up a notch. This is a progressive skill-building class, which means each session will review what you learned the previous week(s) and build on those skills.

In this class you will:
  • Review decisive targets and strikes, combos, and other components of physical skills.
  • Increase your practical agility and footwork to better leverage your strength effectively.
  • Learn to continue even if the fight hits the ground.
  • More practice with verbal tactics, including de-escalation, the ""Broken Record,"" confrontation strategies, assertion, and ""energy matching.""
  • Dealing with two attackers
  • Basic strategies for facing an attacker with a weapon.
  • Simple joint manipulation to stall or disable an attacker.
Prerequisite: Self-Defense 101, or another multi-session empowerment self-defense course.

This class is currently not available for registration.  

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