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Life Figure Drawing   

Class Overview

Would you like to move from drawing stick figures to actual figures? In this class, you will get personalized guidance and help to hone your observation skills.
Improve your drawing and sketching skills by drawing live models under the guidance of a skilled artist.
If you'd like to work on drawing proportions, structure and movement of the human figure, this class is for you!

* Course fee includes model fees for all sessions.

Supplies Needed

  • 18” x 24” sketch pad
  • Mechanical pencil (0.7 or 0.5mm) with B or 2B graphite

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the basics of proportion and structure
  • Practice techniques for capturing movement
  • Work on drawings under the guidance of an expert

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Students interested in improving their human figure drawing skills
  • Those seeking an enhancement of their ability to accurately draw proportion, structure and movement

Student Testimonials

  • Alex encourages artistic growth through his knowledge, professionalism, and dry wit. He takes the fluff out of art and attempts to teach objective sight and a sense for the harmonious relationships that create the human form. Finally, his cookie and beverage selection is both generous and on point. 
  • The only thing that would make this class better would be if Mr. Chubotin wore a monocle and smoked a cigar...and perhaps if he were to award a cake to the best artist at the end of the course with the promise to eat it with him while everyone else had to draw them. He, of course, would award the cake to himself every time. That is how hilarious I believe this man to be. - Tracey Colaianni 
  • Alex is a good role model and a good person to check in with on drawing and other artistic matters.
  • The instructor has excellent credentials and is able to help each student at their own level.
  • The professor took his time with each student, He encouraged improvement and always helpful.
  • (I like) the instructor's ability to make subtle suggestions to improve my drawing techniques.
  • The instructor was great! Always very helpful and I feel very inspired to draw more!
  • (I like) The fact that I could be a beginner and get individual attention to be able to increase my skill. I also got positive reinforcement as well as constructive feedback.

This class is currently not available for registration.  

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