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Reporting with CampusCE
August 24,2015
Reporting can be an integral cog to the success of CampusCE’s clients.  Please email us at if you would like to see examples of CampusCE dashboard reports created with CampusCE’s business intelligence module. These custom reports and dashboards can be quickly created and saved by you, the client, or by our team here at CampusCE.  Want to stay connected with our team?  “Like” CampusCE on Facebook:

New Feature:CampusCE Online Courses

CampusCE now offers online courses with revenue share. Our example site is here:

What we are doing at CampusCE is a little different --- we are aggregating content from the most respected content writers. You choose the content and offer these courses to your students on one e-commerce site….branded with your institution’s brand! No need to hassle with multiple 3rd party vendors / contracts, no need to shuffle your students to multiple 3rd party vendor sites for registration of these courses. We handle the payment processing and registration --- you receive a revenue share with each enrollment. Our list of courses exceeds 5,000 ---- so there is a range of courses for every type of program!

Email the team at to find out more about the revenue share, the content, and to see examples of client branded sites.