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TELOS - The History of Photography Online    NEW!

Do you know when and how photography began? Are you aware of the unend-ing love-hate relationship between painters and photographers and how it shaped both? Is photography even art? Would there be a Yosemite National Park without photography? What was the role of photography in war and in pan-demics? Explore the roots of this medium and how it has been transformed over time, the trends and fads, and the enormous impacts it has had on society. We will use photographic heroes, industry icons, as windows into their time. One as-signment will involve researching one hero online, sharing their work and their story with the class. Share a few of your oldest family photographs for another assignment. Presentations, short quizzes and sharing your industry icon findings plus family photographs will happen in weekly live Zoom sessions. After this workshop you may never look at a photograph the same way again, especially your treasured family photographs.


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