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Graphic Design Basics   

Explore the basics of design terminology and concepts, and create two-dimensional compositions.


  • Describe the concept of hierarchy
  • Explain how lines, shapes, texture and weight can be used to support hierarchy and composition messaging
  • Explain color schemes and how they impact design
  • Describe and explain composition concepts such as emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition, white space and unity
  • Demonstrate the use of cropping, overlapping and intersecting to achieve design prupose
  • Describe and demonstrate negative space, positive space, framal reference, and illusory space
  • Identify how design elements are laid out in a grid
  • Explain the design/client process at a high-level
  • Explain the difference between marketing, branding, positioning and personality

All forms of visual art are based on fundamental principles of aesthetic design. Learn basic design terminology and concepts and create two-dimensional abstract compositions using the elements of line, shape, space, value and color. Explore page and image management methods such as scaling, cropping and overlapping. Learn about information architecture and content hierarchy and how to assemble type and images using a grid.


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