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Cisco CCNA Training Part 1  

Cisco CCNA Training Part 1

Cisco CCNAv7 Certification offered by the BMCC Cisco Academy is composed of three (3) courses ITN, SRWE and ENSA.  BMCC is offering the courses as 2 parts to allow our students to more effectively budget while gaining the necessary core skills required to succeed in the field of networking. 

Part 1 is Intermediate level.  Semester 1 - ITN, Semester 2 - SRWE, total duration = 138 hours.

Introduction to Networks – CCNAv7-ITN Semester 1

This initial BMCC Cisco Academy Course aligned to the CCNA Certification introduces students to the underlying technologies that support network communications for LANs/WANs.  Student will learn communications architecture and reference models, network diagraming as well as the protocols at layer 2 that effect device<-to->device communication and layer 3 protocols to enable local and global internetwork communications.  You will learn how to cable and configure local area networks on Cisco routers and switches and understand all the protocols necessary to support LAN communications.

Switching, Routing and Wireless Essentials – CCNAv7-SRWE Semester 2

Second in series, SRWE builds your knowledge of network and protocol operation in small networks and introduces Wireless networking concepts, standards and security.  You’ll learn how to implement VLANs, inter-VLAN routing, Spanning-Tree, EtherChannel, FHRPs, DHCPv4/v6.  Once completed you will have a firm understanding and practical skills geared toward implementing and troubleshooting IPv4 and IPv6 deployments and protocol issues as well as layered LAN Security best practices for wired and wireless deployments.

Dear prospective student, as you are aware New York State has been dealing with a declared state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus-19 outbreak. Please be aware that our future course dates may be delivered in either a traditional classroom face-to-face format or an on-line format or a hybrid model that mixes both live and online course delivery. The determination of how our future courses will be delivered is still not predictable due to the fluidity of the current situation in New York. However, please rest assured that in either course delivery format our programs will maintain high quality and value for you our students.


CISCO CCNA Training Part 1 Course Number: SF21CCN0701
Instructor: Triet Le $1,950.00
# of Days:   Day(s) of Week:   Dates:   Times:
46   M W   10/13/2021-3/28/2022   6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Location/Room: Online (Zoom) , NY / Virtual Learning

CISCO CCNA Training Part 1  
Instructor: Triet Le $1,950.00
# of Days:   Day(s) of Week:   Dates:   Times:
46   M W   11/30/2020-5/12/2021   6:00 PM-9:00 PM

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