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The Division of Workforce Development and Continuing Education 


Dear Students --

In response to COVID-19 we have converted many of our campus-based Continuing Education and Workforce Training programs to online courses so you can learn new skills at home or wherever you have access a computer (or laptop or tablet) and the Internet. Some courses are running now. 

Please review the list below of online courses provided by BCC. Click on a Course Type (in green) and then on a Course Title (underlined) for information about that class. You can register for a class or put your name on a Wait List, and we’ll contact you when your class is ready to start. If you need a loaner laptop let us know. We might be able to help. Please call 718-289-5170 for assistance. Or email us at 

Estimados Estudiantes --

Los cursos de Inglés (ESL), Educación Básica para Adultos, y nuestros programas de Educación Técnica se han tenido que modificar debido a COVID-19. La mayoría continuan mediante enseñanza a distancia.  Por favor, vean abajo las descripciones de los cursos. Para más información llámenos al 718-289-5170. Hablamos español. O mándenos un correo electrónico al