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A Brief History of Indian Mythology   

Join us for a journey through the vibrant world of Hindu mythology, which consists of intricately woven stories of the Holy Trinity: Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Protector, and Shiva the Destroyer. Their stories illustrate how righteousness (Dharma) always triumphs over non-righteousness (Adharma), teaching us moral lessons relevant even in today's cultural context. Our lecture will begin with a single word "Om"—uttered by Brahma—that created the universe. We will then be led through the stories of Vishnu in all his many brilliant forms (including the well-known Krishna), and are finally faced with the unforgiving—yet remarkably artistic—Shiva, who balances the cycle of birth, life, and death and the forces that control them. Together, they control our Srishti (birth), Sthiti (well-being), and Laya (the demise).

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