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Outdoor Parkour for Children Ages 6-9   

This socially distanced, outdoor class is for children of all ability and fitness levels, and will include instruction in the basic movements and techniques of parkour, as well as exercises designed to improve general fitness and ensure the long-term practice of the discipline. Classes focus on exploring and moving safely through one's environment and overcoming both mental and physical obstacles through the progressive training system of parkour. A combination of games, exercises, challenges, and technical drills will provide scalable challenges to a wide range of skill levels and will improve balance, coordination, strength, spatial awareness, and flexibility, all while having fun. All classes are taught by experienced ADAPT-certified coaches. This class is for ages 6-9. Discounts or waivers do not apply. Please notify our office of any allergies or things we should know.This class meets outside regardless of weather. Participants should dress accordingly.
Please note: class does not meet the week of April 15th d.ue to April Vacation.


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