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Applying Cultural Introspection to Teaching and Learning   

Based on the work of Chavez and Longerbeam (2016), this session will apply a cultural lens to teaching and learning through the Cultural Frameworks of Teaching and Learning Model. We will examine individuated and integrated instruction across eight continua (1. purpose of learning, 2. ways of taking in and processing knowledge, 3. interconnectedness of what is being learned, 4. responsibility for learning, 5. time, 6. role of the teacher, 7. student interactions, and 8. sequencing). From this model, we will reflect on how our teaching is situated within the model.


  • Discuss the Cultural Frameworks of Teaching and Learning Model
  • Identify the characteristics of individuated and integrated instruction
  • Apply the Cultural Frameworks Model to your individual teaching context to intentionally incorporate strengths into your teaching Incorporate teaching techniques from individuated-integrated cultural continuum