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Women in Higher Education   

South Carolina Women in Higher Education

Membership is free and open to all.

Are you new to academia and looking for ways to connect with other scholars in or outside of your field of expertise? Need to jump-start your career and are looking for mentors to guide you? Then SCWHE events are a wonderful opportunity for you!

  • October 12: Equal Employment Rights: SC Pregnancy Accommodations Act and SC Lactation Support Act. Presenter: Alphia Dunbar
  • November 9: What does it mean to be an ally? Presenter: Dr. Mary Alexander, University of South Carolina
  • December 14: How to destress throughout the day. Presenter: Marguerite O’Brien, Coastal Carolina
  • January 11: Dealing with Change. Presenter: Dr. Sally Selden, The Citadel
  • March 8: Self-Advocacy Strategies for Women in Higher Education. Presenter: Dr. Tondaleya Jackson, Vorhees University
  • April 12: Building a Community. Presenter: Historic Columbia
  • May 10: Work-from-home productivity hacks. Presenter: Kim Pruitt, University of South Carolina