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Celebration Lifelong Fall 2021 Catalog > Religion


Most European countries over the past 50 years have gone from a majority of their populations believing in god(s) to a majority of nonbelievers. About two-thirds of the Jewish population in the United States today does not believe in a god “with absolute certainty.” So, what do nonbelievers believe – and, especially, the atheists among them? This course will examine that question and several others. For example, why do atheists find unpersuasive the theological arguments for the existence of god(s)? And what arguments do anti-theists offer for their claim that an Abrahamic God does not exist? This course will also explore the varying forms and definitions of theism and atheism, god, and more. Stoning the instructor is prohibited, but silent prayer is allowed.


No classes currently available.  Fall 2021 registration starts on Monday, August 23, 2021.