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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Certified Weld Test
Getting certified also tells your employer that you're a serious professional and a valuable member of the team. Being AWS Certified should put you at the front of the line for new hires, too.

The Certified Welder program is a performance-based program with no prerequisite courses or certifications required. Final certification will provide "transferrable" credentials that you may take with you wherever you go.

The AWS Certified Welder program is open to anyone with a talent for welding. Since the test is strictly performance-based, there are no prerequisite courses or certifications required prior to testing. If you are able to do the weld necessary to pass the test, then you are eligible to become an AWS Certified Welder.

The Certified Welder (CW) program tests welders to procedures used in the structural steel, petroleum pipelines, sheet metal, and chemical refinery welding industries. Companies have discovered the advantages of hiring AWS Certified Welders. ATFs help them to save money, improve productivity, and reduce liability by entrusting their welder certification to the experts.

Test Supervisor: Bobby Day

Call (423) 697-3100 prior to registering.

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Motorcycle Basic Rider

This 16-hour course, approximately 5-hours online training and 11-hours hands on training, is designed for beginning riders 14 years and older and is a Tennessee State certified licensing rider education course. Learn to operate a motorcycle safely, with emphasis on the special skills, maneuvering, and mental attitude necessary for riding in traffic. Students will receive online instruction with theoretical portion of motorcycle controls, basic street strategies, and further understanding of risk. This will be supplemented by in-person review of these concepts, plus practical driving exercises in a controlled, off-street environment. Included with the course is access to the MSF online training and the use of training motorcycles (125 cc-500 cc street legal). Students must bring and wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection, full fingered gloves, over-the-ankle leather footwear with low heels, long pants (denim), and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. The MSF 5-hour online portion of this class must be completed prior to attending the first day of the scheduled class. Even if students complete the in-person portion of this class, students will not receive a certificate of completion until the online portion of the class has also been completed.

*Cancellation or rescheduling, except in emergency situations, must be submitted fourteen (14) days prior to class start date or fees will be forfeited.

**Successfully completing this class, the in-person and the online portion, will give the participant a certificate that they will take to the TN DMV to receive the motorcycle endorsement on their license.  Please note, this will not work for other states only for TN.

8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Professional Development
Professional development which focuses on STEM, college success, workforce development, and community engagement. 
8:30 AM - 1:30 PM
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