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Secrets of the Knights Templar  

The Knights Templar is one of the most mysterious and powerful religious orders in history. A secret society whose true purpose remains a mystery to this day, its story is one that has captured the fascination and curiosity of people throughout the ages. Were they sent to Jerusalem to protect Christians on pilgrimages, or were they sent on secret missions by higher authorities in order to unearth lost artifacts and buried treasure at sacred holy sites? Where are these artifacts and treasures today? Trace the history, what is known and what is unknown, and examine both facts and unproven theories about this secret society. THIS COURSE WILL MEET ONLINE VIA ZOOM.


Secrets of the Knights Templar
 Show Description
Instructor: Barry Schoenfeld, BS Fee: $50.00
Course Dates & Time: Tu, 11/3/2020 - 12/15/2020, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pacific Time
# Sessions: 6
Location: Online
no class Nov. 24