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Current Events Discussion Group 6WK - Friday   

You have a right to your opinion about the news and this is the course to express it. Or, you can sit back and listen to others voice their thoughts. Each week the class covers the hot topics of the day based on articles from The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Economist, Time magazine and many more. You will be alerted in advance of class which articles will drive the week's discussions. All thoughtfully delivered points of view are encouraged and will be respected because different opinions spark engaging discussions. THIS COURSE WILL MEET ONLINE USING ZOOM.



About the Instructor

As an attorney, former prosecutor, and criminal justice instructor, Lara has had a long professional and personal interest in civic and social issues. She headed the Domestic Violence Division of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, was named Woman Prosecutor of the Year by the League of Women Prosecutors, and was selected by the L.A. County Bar Association to be the recipient of their Prosecutor of the Year award. Lara has been active in many of the social, political, and judicial issues that drive today’s news.