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America in the Gilded Age: 1875 - 1896  

The years from 1875-1896 were some of the most tumultuous in US history. Emergence of the modern American economy created some of the largest corporations in the world. By 1896 America was a global economic power and leading producer of food, coal, oil and steel, creating fortunes for men such as J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. Completion of the transcontinental railroad and the invention of the telephone and electric lights also saw the rise of labor unions and many political movements as Americans wrestled with problems created by widespread economic inequality, poverty and political corruption, raising many of the questions we struggle with today. What role should the government play in economic development? Do corporations have too much political power? Should government policy foster economic equality or economic opportunity? James Rigali earned his PhD in history at UW and has taught American history at PLU, North Seattle CC, UW and CRI.