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Continuing Education

Additive Manufacturing Systems Online  

3.5 Credits
No prior class is needed to take this course but you should have a reasonable understanding of computers and technology. You don't have to know programming or electronics, but basic computer navigation, ability to search the web for information, and being generally comfortable with technical concepts would be helpful.

Brand New Online / Hybrid Curriculum

We are very excited to be able to offer this new delivery method for one of our more popular courses. Over the years we've had a tremendous amount of people asking if we had other locations where we could teach our classes as they couldn't make it to our area. The other obvious thought is that with so many people having to work from home, this new delivery method gives everyone a great way to take advantage of the time.

Online Program Specifics

One thing we never want to do is use online delivery as a cheap alternative to in person training. Obviously for physical skills this is difficult but we feel we can accomplish this through the use of several methodologies. This will mean first and foremost, student engagement. We'll have scheduled online meetings just like our in person curriculum and everyone should plan on showing up. We can make accommodations from time to time just as we do in our regular classes, but it cannot be a frequent issue. If this is a problem, wait for another time slot to open up.

The other portion of this course will be video lecture. We will have regularly scheduled video meetings, but we will also have instructional content made up prior that students can review before class time at their leisure. This will be available on our online portal page that we will give out to students after they enroll. These videos will also include frequently asked questions, and our plan is to continue to make videos on student issues so it could benefit others in the future.

This then brings us to the portal page itself and grading. Typically in class we can watch students' progress and assess there abilities as we go. Online this will be more of a challenge, so in order to assure that students are retaining the material, we will have quizzes in the portal that everyone will be required to take in order to pass the course. Passing score will be 80% which we don't feel will be hard at all if the student is engaged and attending class.

A few final items. I think it's important for everyone that wants to sign up for this class to know that this is a first run program and we're expecting some bugs. We'll most likely be going with Webex for the online lectures, possibly another, but as anyone knows that spends time in online meetings, they can be troublesome.
There also will be a small break in the middle of the first courses when we are allowed back onsite. We have one class that was interrupted and they have four sessions left and we need to accommodate them but as of yet, we don't have any firm dates when we'll be back.

So again, we're thrilled to try to give this class structure a try, but please if any of these items concern you, wait until we run a few more programs.



Course Overview

3D Printing technology (Additive Manufacturing) has proven itself to be a legitimate industry skill over the years and is necessary for anyone interested in competing in the manufacturing marketplace. Iterating design modifications can be done in a fraction of the time over traditional methods and testing for fit, stress, and other elements can save materials cost as well. When used in conjunction with 3D design skills you have an effective technological process to keep you ahead of the game.

In class we will discuss each component of this cutting edge technology and what their capabilities are. We will also assess their limitations and a comparison over using CNC milling machines and/or lathes. We feel that knowing when and where to apply your technology is greatly important and too often people will try to use a new tool for all their projects rather than integrate it into the current processes.

Our group has been deeply involved in the additive manufacturing process since 2007 and has developed an expertise over the years in exactly what is possible with these machines. Our developer Damian Cianci, has been to training events at Saddleback College in Dana Point California, where he had a chance to meet Terry Wohlers of the Wohlers Report (the premier publication on the state of the 3D printing industry) along with many others in the field, as well as the Materialise Training Center in Ann Arbor Michigan to work with fixing 3D model geometry for printing. He's also been a part of a National Science Foundation grant for the dissemination of standards in education, designed and printed models for the Boeing Company, and continues to work on the practical application, maintenance and modification of this fascinating technology.




Basics of Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D printing history
  • Printer types and comparison
  • Uses and practical benefits of 3D printers
  • 3D printers vs CNC machining

Mechanics and Operation
  • Control boards
  • Driver boards/Electronics
  • Extrusion principles and issues
  • Linear motion designs - Bearings, Slides, Belts, Lead screws
  • Stepper motors and motor drivers
  • Extrusion Materials - PLA/ABS/PETG/Nylon/TPE/PC and more

Building and assembly
  • Use of hand tools
  • Machine maintenance

CAD 3D Design
  • Model building for 3D printers
  • Introduction to CAD (Fusion 360 / CATIA)


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Contact Damian Cianci at if you have any questions.

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