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Continuing Education

Fusion 360 Online  

Online Training
3 Credits
Entry Level - No prerequisite
* Webcam and microphone are needed

This is an entry level course for students interested in 3D engineering design software and high-tech manufacturing. Students will learn the basics of various 3D Design applications, milling software to create toolpaths, and the actual operation of CNC machines to produce their own physical parts. For those that are planning on, or have built their own CNC machines in our Mechanical Automation Systems Engineering course or 3D Printer in the Additive Manufacturing course, this class is the perfect way to get a better understanding on what you can do with these machines.

Distance Learning Specifics
The online structure of class will consist of one hour live video conferencing for lecturing and questions, and then between live class times students will have other objectives to complete somewhat at their leisure. The course times that are listed are the live class times. We understand if you might have to miss a session and can usually work with you, but if you know you can't make a larger portion of the live times, please look for another time slot.

We will have pre-recorded videos for students to watch during off hours. These will compliment the live lectures and give students a learning source they can watch repeatedly. These videos and other important information will be held on a class website.

The class website will contain device documentation, vendor information, technology concepts and quizzes. The quizzes will be an important part of this online program which students will have to pass in order to complete the course. We will talk through all the quizzes during our live sessions and anyone that shows up for class will have no problem making it through. We will not blind side you with stray questions we never talked about yet expect you to know.

Currently we will we using Webex as our video conferencing software. You do not need to make an account to join the live sessions. An email will be sent out to all students including the time and dates, web link to the meeting and password. You will need to have a webcam and microphone for this class.

The class kits will have to be picked up from the school. In the future we will get a shipping process sorted out for those that do not live in the area, but for the moment local pickup only. We are very interested in being able to reach those around the country so this will happen eventually.

Course Overview
While the class currently focuses on Autodesk Fusion 360, we do look at other CAD systems throughout the course. We've been teaching Dassault Systemes CATIA for many years, but offering Fusion 360 courses makes the best sense for hobbyists and small businesses due to its low cost (free for students and lower income businesses).

This course ties together important concepts of the manufacturing process as students move from 3d design to the machining process. These are details often not understood by those who work in a single discipline. We continually strive to break the concept of compartmentalized groups working on isolated elements of production and just "throwing it over the wall" without fully understanding the details of the upstream/downstream specifics.

In this course we're are not trying to necessarily turn students into machinists, but rather help those involved in any CAD process to better understand the needs and limitations of their manufacturing team.

Topics covered:

3D Design - Basic Features
  • User interface
  • 2D Sketch tools
  • Hotkeys
  • Solid modeling features
  • Boolean Operations for use in mold design
  • Creating Joints (Assemblies)
  • Formulas
  • Learning to design properly for the complications of manufacturing
  • Computer Aid Manufacturing (CAM) software
  • Creating Toolpaths
  • Exporting g-code

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Fusion 360 Online  -- CLASS IS IN SESSION --
Item: M544  Credits: 1.50   Brendon Seaver
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Location: Online Only - Advanced Aerospace
Sessions: 16 Tu Th  
12/1/2020 - 2/4/2021  
No Class Dec 21 thru 31 Holiday Break

Fusion 360 Online  -- CLASS IS IN SESSION --
Item: M545  Credits: 1.50   Brendon Seaver
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Online Only - Advanced Aerospace
Sessions: 16 Tu Th  
12/1/2020 - 2/4/2021  
No Class Dec 21 thru 31 Holiday Break