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Continuing Education

UAV Maintenance and Repair   

3 Credits
Prerequisites: Industrial UAV Systems
This is a second level course that requires the experience and knowledge taught in Industrial UAV Systems.

As students learned in the Industrial UAV Systems course, these remotely operated vehicles are quite complicated to build and configure. Compound that with the rapid innovation of the field and it's easy to see that someone without much experience could find this increasingly difficult to learn and maintain their skill set. We're excited to bring our third new UAV program to the public, developed solely around honing their knowledge of the technology and reaching deeper into the configuration and troubleshooting of these vehicles. As we've seen in our Aerial Heavy-Lift Service Platform course where we build extremely large aircraft capable of lifting over two hundred pounds, the components used in all sized vehicle are basically the same and therefor an understand of any will translate into a strong understanding of all. So as we see this field to develop further, our students will be prepared.


  • Configure control loop variables to alleviate stability issues
  • Configure software filters to reduce process handling and increase stability
  • How to configure and use devices for video reception (goggles and base stations)
  • Be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge on how to find information online
  • Use the command line interface within the configuration software for troubleshooting
  • Use the CLI for video configuration, system backup, and others
  • Learn how to use the blackbox flight recording system and analyze the findings
  • Know where to look and how to search for review online for all the components
  • Understand how to use motor speed controller software
  • Understand how to perform system programming for in-field user interfacing
  • Have a practical understanding of control stick velocity rates and be able to configure in-field

  • Learn to use Digital Multimeters
  • Learn the basic principles of the oscilloscope
  • Learn to access, clean and diagnose brushless DC motors
  • Understand how to use 5.8GHz RF meters for frequency and power levels

  • Develop professional hand soldering skills
  • Surface mount soldering and desoldering
  • Learn to use hot air rework stations
  • Know the construction of a professional soldering iron and a how to chose the best one for your purpose

Battery Technology
  • Learn to comfortably use lithium polymer battery chargers
  • Understand how to use lipo battery cell testers
  • Understand Lithium batteries and how they differ from typical batteries
  • Understand battery C rating

Video Transmission
  • Understand the 5.8GHz frequency allocation for video transmission
  • Understand how to set video transmission channels bands and channels for best use
  • Understand how to set camera properties in-field
  • Understand the levels and restrictions on 5.8GHz video transmission
  • Understand antenna principles and how to chose the proper ones
  • Know the various antenna connectors and how to use and repair

Basic Electronics
  • Learn basic electronic component properties
  • Learn basic PCB diagnostics
  • Know how to use proper wire protection, strain relief and potting
  • Use of conformal coatings to protect electronics
  • Understand the current rating of all components
  • Know how to chose the right components for your voltage and current rating
  • Learn to develop strong PCB cleaning practices
  • Understand the conductivity of all materials and how this might adversely affect the system

Mechanical Principles
  • Be able to assemble, solder and configure a typical sUAS in under three hours
  • Propeller theory and practical application
  • Know how to effectively mount and anchor all loose components and wiring
  • Learn to work well within the vehicle or customer mandates and restrictions (Weight, aerodynamics, speed, air flow, cost)
  • Basic structural repairs

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