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Continuing Education

Embedded Robotics   

40 Hours
3.5 Credits

No prior class is needed to take this course but you should have a reasonable understanding of computers and technology. You don't have to know programming or electronics, but basic computer navigation, ability to search the web for information, and being generally comfortable with technical concepts would be helpful.

In this course we'll primarily be focused on the hand programming of multi-axis robotic arms. The key point here is that we'll be programming code into a microcontroller rather than having a graphical interface ran on top of an operating system. Typically this is for simple yet robust task implementation that can be repeated over and over without much complicated instruction. For example, picking up a pencil off a conveyor and placing it in a box could be considered a simple task list. While this is easy to describe as simple, the actual implementation, (learning the code, structuring, and hardware limitations) can be quite a long journey especially if you wish to become proficient.

Now using our previous pencil analogy, if multiple straight objects are coming down this imaginary conveyor belt and you need the robot to actually be able to recognize "what is a pencil" and the optimal way to reach forward and grab it without too many unnecessary motor movements, this is example of a much more complicated instruction list. Typically this would include image recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning. While in practice these are two separate disciplines, the concept of Embedded Robotics lays the groundwork for future courses on these topics.

  • What are microcontrollers
  • C/C++ programming basics
  • Soldering
  • Servo motors
  • Stepper motors
  • Arduino IDE
  • 6-axis arm load calculations
  • Sensors
  • Motor driver control
  • Basic power calculations
  • Rotary encoders
  • Use of electronic test equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator)
  • Reading datasheets
  • Electronic troubleshooting

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