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Continuing Education

Advanced Additive Manufacturing - CoreXY   

4 Credits

This is a Design Team Curriculum
* Design Team courses are for students interested in working on new projects where the curriculum has not been completely defined. This means there could be many challenges along the way, and depending on the class's chosen direction or methodology, the completion of the project is not guaranteed. The learning and project involvement is more of the intent rather than the end product. This course concept is definitely not for everyone, but for some folks it's a great experience.

Advanced Additive Manufacturing - CoreXY builds on the skills learned in Additive Manufacturing Systems, with a focus on the CoreXY motion system. Originally developed in 2012 by Ilan Moyer, the CoreXY motion system has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years in the additive manufacturing industry for its efficiency and speed.

In this class students will explore this motion system in-depth through the creation of Hypercube style printers, as well as analyze the pros and cons of various linear guides and drive systems, control boards, stepper motor drivers, hot ends and extruders, and bed leveling probes. In the course of doing so students will utilize CAD applications to view/modify existing 3D models, as well as design brackets/parts for the machine as needed, and will dig into slicer programs and their settings to optimize the quality and production speed of printed parts. Once assembled, students will configure the firmware for the printer’s control board, then work through the process of calibrating the printer with the goal of maximizing precision and accuracy.

Completing this project requires a substantial amount of printing, roughly 50 hours at conservative speeds with a 0.4mm nozzle, the majority of which will need to be done outside of class time. Due to this it is a necessity to either have a functioning 3D printer at home, or reliable access to one outside of the school, as well as a working knowledge of their operation, troubleshooting, and slicer software. As an advanced level course it is assumed students will be coming in with a basic understanding of 3D printers, their components, and how they function. As such it is highly recommended that students have either previously completed the Additive Manufacturing Systems course, or have substantial previous experience with FDM/FFF 3D printers and their operation.


Mechanics and Operation
  • Motion systems
  • Electronics: Control boards, Stepper motors and motor drivers, Thermistors, Cooling fans
  • Power: DC power supplies, MOSFETs, Solid state relays
  • Linear motion components: Bearings, Slides, Rods, Linear guides, Belts, Lead screws
  • Extruders and hot ends, Heatbeds
Building and Assembly
  • Crimping cables / wire connectors
  • Soldering
  • Use of hand tools
  • 3D printer firmware and G-code
  • Slicer programs and settings
  • Introduction to CAD (Autodesk Inventor)

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