Continuing Education

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Continuing Education


16.5 Credits

The Quality Assurance Certificate curriculum will educate the student in several areas critical to the manufacturing and aerospace assembly arena in respect to quality control, quality assurance, quality team dynamics, conflict resolution, and processes and statistical process control. The student will experience actual hands-on activities such as drilling, fastener installation, wire bundle installation, torque, and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance.

In addition to the skills and knowledge listed above, students will gain experience in overall quality inspection, precision measurements, manufacturing documentation, specifications and standards that are applied in Aerospace Manufacturing Assembly, Electrical Assembly, Tooling Mechanic and Manufacturing Composites.

Special notes: Future employers may perform background checks and drug testing.

Students are required to achieve a minimum of 3.0 (80%) on all online quizzes and on the final face-to-face test in order to receive a Certificate of Completion and move on to their specialty program.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed one of the following to take this certificate program:

     A. Certification in Electrical Assembly, Manufacturing Assembly
         Mechanic, Manufacturing Composites or Tooling Mechanic.


     B. One year equivalent Aerospace industry related experience.

Aerospace Manufacturing Core Online Certificate and Assessment must be completed to take this certificate.

Class Availability: For future class availability or if you have questions about registration, please call (425) 640-1840.


Item: M700  Credits: 16.50  
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Location: - Advanced Aerospace
Sessions: 0  
4/12/2021 - 6/11/2021 Fee: $3,200.00
DAYTIME 8- hour lab

The Online portion of class will be taught virtually through Google Meet from 9:00 AM thru 12:00 PM.
The instructor will send a link to access the meeting.

Online: 4/12/21 - 5/7/21
Review: 5/10/21 9 AM
Final Exam: 5/11/21 9 AM

Onsite Lab Location: WATRC Paine field, Everett WA

Lab Dates: 5/13/21 - 6/11/21
Lab times: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Monday thru Friday
No class 5/31/21

*Call 425 640 1840 for prequalification prior to enrolling in QA.
Must have completed CORE + have advanced experience OR have completed CORE + one specialty certificate (ASSY MECH, ELECTRICAL, TOOLING, OR COMPOSITES)