Continuing Education

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Continuing Education


17.0 Credits

Students who complete this program will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the following equipment and standards used in the manufacturing of aerospace tooling projects: the safe use of hand, power, and floor mounted tools; application of precision measuring tools; acceptable tolerance applications and general dimensioning; tooling drawing interpretations; competency with deciphering and interpretation of general dimensioning and tooling (GD&T) symbols; manufacturing and quality standards documentation; and production tooling layout. In addition, students should be able to demonstrate team building techniques, including how the importance of working in a manufacturing team environment affects overall production and quality.

Students are required to successfully complete all assessments, written exams, and projects to receive a certificate of completion.

Special notes: Future employers may perform background checks and drug testing.

Students are required to achieve a minimum of 3.0 (80%) on all online quizzes and on the final face-to-face test in order to receive a Certificate of Completion and move on to their specialty program.

Prerequisite: Aerospace Manufacturing Core Online Certificate and Assessment must be completed to take this certificate.

Class Availability: For future class availability or if you have questions about registration, please call (425) 640-1840.