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Continuing Education

Mechanical Automation Systems Engineering   

Learn the skills to automate machinery and convert existing equipment by learning to build CNC milling machines from the ground up.

3.5 Credits
20 Sessions

Prerequisites: None, other than a strong interest in multi-disciplined mechanics and electrical/electronic systems.

This course focuses on the mechanical principles of electromechanical automation (mechatronics) and each student builds computer controlled milling machines (CNC) to learn how to apply these concepts. Our ultimate intent in our automation series of courses is to have students not only be proficient in the obvious electronic component of robotics but the mechanical fabrication process as well.

Nearly ever part of these machines has been created by us using 3D design software (Fusion 360 / CATIA) and cut on our own CNC machines in class. These are not kits and students will gain an intimate understanding of all elements in this system. These skills can translate into many areas such as robotic/mechatronic technicians and maintenance, automation design, and tool fabrication.

Topics include:
Lecture and Study
  • Mechanical Systems and Simple Machines
  • Current and Emerging Technologies
  • What is CNC and how to operate
  • Stepper motors
  • Breakout boards and controllers
  • Hardware drivers and motor control
  • Wiring
  • Motor torque requirements
  • Various controller software (specifically open source)
  • Framework fabrication and assembly (wood working and possible welding)
  • Drive mechanics (Gearing, chain drives, cabling, etc)
  • Electrical systems (wiring, cable management, motor polarity)
  • Computer system installation
  • Controller software configuration and calibration
  • 3D design

Shop Skills and Tools
  • Basic CNC mill operation
  • Water Jet cutting process
  • De-burring parts
  • Sanding and Polishing various materials
  • Die Grinder
  • Drill Press
  • Hand Drills
  • Dremel Tools
  • Tapping Threads
  • Basic Measurement (Tape Measure, scale)
  • Metric Measurement and Conversions
  • Basic Precision Measuring Tools (Calipers, Micrometers)
  • Advanced Precision Measuring Tools (123 Blocks, Depths Gauge, Angle Measurement, Parallels)
  • Basic Mathematics (Addition, Subtraction, Fractions, Decimals)
  • Tolerance design for fit and function

* This is a very unique course that covers a broad range of skills so be prepared for several different areas of study. Computer hardware, electrical, mechanical motion, wood working, welding, software, 3D printing, 3D design and machining are all a potential part of this process of automation.

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