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Continuing Education

Remote Aerial Service Platform  


Level 2 Curriculum

Prerequisite is prior UAV Systems course or similar knowledege
NOTE - Since it is required to take the prior courses, this course does NOT include a transmitter, goggles nor any tools. It is expected that you will have these before joining the class. Having taken previous classes you should not have to purchase anything to complete the course.

Online Course Information
A few days prior to the course you will receive an email invite to the video class meetings. Typically this is Webex. We'd also recommend using the webex client install rather than the just the webpage video. Other items such as the class website and materials pick will also be discussed after class start. No materials are required for the first class sessions. All you need to do is log into the video meeting.

Course Overview:
A strong topic of all our UAV courses has been that if you understand all the elements of the UAV system then you can build a vehicle suited for any purpose. This course expands on that concept by creating a larger scale remote operated vehicle that can be fitted with various elements in order to achieve a desired task. In this class we'll be all the typical topics discussed in prior UAV courses but looking into other advanced features such as gimbal controlled cameras, restricted flight attitude for safe navigation, GPS coordinates displayed on screen (in goggles), using multiple FPV cameras (Forward and down-facing), and more transmitter configurations.  


  • Review of all topics from Level 1 UAV courses
  • UAV Frame Structure and design considerations
  • Motor power decisions
  • Propeller placement and characteristics
  • Load handling
  • RF Systems
  • Multi-Camera FPV Support
  • Using GPS sensor output (Just visual coordinates, not waypoints)
  • Ground surveying and photogrammetry overview
  • Multi-pilot concepts
  • Servo control
  • Gimbal image stabilization
  • Image stabilization software



Remote Aerial Service Platform
Item: M722  Credits: 1.50   Damian Cianci, Brendon Seaver
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM Location: - Advanced Aerospace
Sessions: 12 M W  
2/22/2021 - 3/31/2021 Fee: $2,450.00