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Business: Digital Storage    NEW!

Learn the basics of online digital photo storage


Capture Your Family’s Stories & Preserve Your Family History (17579)

Presented by:    Mirja Heide

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Location: - TBA
4 Th ,
8/3/2023 - 8/24/2023 Fee: $129.00

This course is a delightful way for grandparents and grandchildren to connect, learn from each other and collaborate in creating their family photo legacy. Grandparents and grandchildren will join together to capture their family’s stories and learn how to preserve their family history for future generations. One grandparent and one grandchild will team up to learn how to scan old family photos and documents such as letters, family recipes and newspaper articles. They will learn how to set up a permanent online home for their memories, capture the stories behind their photos and share these memories with others. They will also learn how to organize their scanned images, properly date them and add important details such as names of people in the photos and the where and why the photos were taken.  Please register under grandparent or grandchild's name and add other name in the comment field. 

Your cart/receipt might show the following title for this class: Business: Digital Storage

Create Your Photo Legacy (30753)

Presented by:  Mirja Heide

Class begins in less than 2 business days or is already in session... Please call 425.640.1243 or email comed@edmonds.edu to register.

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Location: Snoqualmie Hall - 205
4 Th  
5/18/2023 - 6/8/2023 Fee: $99.00

Share the stories of your life by creating a photo legacy for you, your family and friends. In this course, you will learn how to set up a permanent online home for preserving your memories. Begin curating a collection of your most cherished photos, videos, audio files and documents such as family recipes and letters. Bring your Windows PC or Mac laptop to class. Instructional handouts will be provided and take-home assignments given each week.