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Digital Legacies: Handling an Online Life Left Behind  

All class sessions are at Maltby Building Room 109. Just as you acquire real objects and personal connections over your lifetime, you collect digital items and virtual connections online. While some of these digital legacies are stored with local control, more of these items are established and stored online. What happens to these items when you or a loved one dies? Whether they are photos, credit card rewards, frequent flier miles, social media, online payment services or email postings, few “intangible” assets are protected by state law. Thus, they are inconsistently handled by service provider contracts. Learn what you can do in estate planning to protect digital assets and insure that you and your loved one’s wishes are followed. Most of instructor Brian Boston’s time in the last 38 years has been spent helping people with technology. Though he has trained hundreds of support engineers at Microsoft and elsewhere, his preference is working with end users. 1 session.