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Flagler College Division of Continuing Education



Program Description

Python is the language for anyone working with data. It applies to roles as diverse as marketeers, researchers and scientists who are all finding ways to handle, analyse and automate processes using data. This course is aimed at those who want to gain a significant technical skill to enhance their career. It is particularly relevant to those working with data and those in businesses where data and automation are important.

A flexible, 100% online format with content delivered via our LMS. This is backed with learner support which includes 1:1 tutoring, a student care team and an actively engaged learner community. Our analytics software, AMOS, tracks learner progress and triggers support to ensure learners stay engaged on track.

  • 72 hours
  • Part time, 100% online
  • 8 weeks, 24/7 access
  • 1 milestone projects
  • Flagler College certificate of completion




Item: CIIT80603
Tuition: Fee $2,299.00