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Personal Enrichment

Learning to See with a Camera [ON CAMPUS]   


Attention, photography enthusiasts of all levels!

Unleash your inner artist with our hands-on photography course designed to immerse you in the beautiful world of storytelling through images. Throughout this course, you'll not only study the works of various photographers but also discuss the elements that create truly captivating photos. Discover the multiple strategies photographers use to enhance the impact of their work. Each week presents a new assignment, allowing you to bring 6 related images on a USB flash drive for fun critique sessions. Snap, share, learn and passion for photography. Snap, share, learn, and repeat! This course is your doorway to seeing the world through a whole new lens.

"It is through your art that the light within you can now shine outward.”
-- from "The Adventures of Charlie and the Incredible Truth Machine"

Materials Needed: Digital or film cameras are acceptable as long as students can provide images in digital format for review.

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