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Certified Nurse Assistant   

Join one of the fastest growing professions in the healthcare industry! This New York State approved course includes clinical and classroom instruction in patient care, and will prepare you for Nurse Assistant certification.

Course Content

Students will learn:

  • Patient care (clinical and classroom)  
  • Patient safety
  • Infection control procedures
  • Moving, feeding and caring for patients
  • Nutrition and diet therapy
  • Assisting with admissions and exams
  • Communication with the patient
  • Patient self care
  • Pre and postoperative care
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Circulation and respiratory care
  • Elimination procedures
  • Human sexuality
  • Job seeking and retention skills


Nurse Assistants must be:

  • At least 16 years of age.
  • A high school graduate, working on a G.E.D., or reading at a 9th grade level.
  • In good health. MMR and PPD immunization records must be up to date.  
  • Dependable, patient, tactful, and have a desire to help people.
  • Able to communicate well and have positive relationships with patients.


Tuition and fees are $2,000. This includes course textbook, all written materials, one set of scrubs, name tag and state exam fee.

Funding Resources

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Note: need to recertify? Contact New York State at 1.800.321.6443 to find out if you need to take the exam, a recertification class or the full Nurse Assistant course.

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