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Child Development Associate (CDA)   

If you are looking to build a career in early childhood education, becoming a Child Development Associate (CDA) is a great way to enhance your skills. It is also a great first step toward an associates degree in Early Childhood, Humanities or Human Services. CDAs are prepared to meet the specific needs of children to nurture their physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. Students in this course will take 8 training modules, which must be completed prior to applying for the New York State Credential.

Course Content

Course modules include:

  • Professionalism
  • Safe, Healthy Learning Environment
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Program Development Part I
    • Encouraging childrens physical, creative and cognitive development
  • Program Development Part II
    • Language and Communication with Children
  • Supporting childrens social and emotional development with positive child guidance
  • Establishing Relationships with Families
  • Observing and Recording Childrens Behavior
    • Effective Program Operation


CDAs must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A high school graduate


Tuition and fees are $325 per module, or $2,600 for all 8 modules. A funding option is available online.

Funding Resources

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Note: need to recertify? Or do you have additional questions? Contact FLCC's Workforce & Career Solutions Office at 585.785.1670 to learn more about our 45-hour renewal course. Tuition is $800.

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